The Career Book: Help for Restless Realist
The Career Book: Help for Restless Realist
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The Career Book: Help for Restless Realist


Jane Downes

An updated edition of our career book without the waffle for post-Celtic Tiger times, The Career Book has not been written to help you – it aims to help you to help yourself.

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Instead of immediately focusing on what to do, the first section of the book (‘Principles’) asks detailed, probing questions about you. Knowing yourself and what makes you tick is the first step to getting the career you want. Using the unique ‘Ego Styles Theory’, which the author has used to great success with her own clients, the book can identify the ways in which you could be blocking your own success in life and career.

Jane Downes is founder of Clearview Coaching Group (, which was established in 2004 following an extensive career working within the area of recruitment and HR consulting. Jane also co-owns Ireland’s first Assessment and Coaching Centre for Emotional Intelligence – Jane regularly contributes to the national media on career, motivation, and planning and managing yourself within the workplace.

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